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The Purge: Election Year

July 4, 2016

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Independence Day: Resurgence

June 25, 2016


     Have you ever gone to a movie, especially a sequel and wondered why they bothered with the exception of trying to rake in more money?  Well this movie happens to fall into that bracket and I am very disappointed. This is definitely one of the movies we should wait for DVD, if you are a big Fan get it then. If you are just interested in seeing what it is about one look are the trailer all the best part are there. Two wait until it is in the cheep bin at Wal-Mart. Then get the movie.


     This movie uses a backdoor to let you know what happened to the characters from the first movie. So nothing like a “fast catch-up” when you are trying to figure out what is going on with this one!  Unfortunately it was not done well then threw new characters at you. Now you can only relate and understand where two of them actually came from. The only reason you would understand it is if you watched the first movie. Which I am sure was to bring in the fans, but the information was so mucked that it gets lost in translation.


      Well let’s move forward because I was not pleased with how they developed their story. Let’s talk about the reason to see this movie. The special effects and CGI, at least the movie has that going for it.  The aliens were done well but it is the space ships and the visuals that follow that are the most impressive.


      How they are able to touch thing and their visual interface is now interactive. This is their real magic as they begin to make things happen! The visual is amazing.  How they touch stuff and then slowly merge together. IF YOU WANT A Reason to see this movie the EFFECTS are amazing and worth every moment through the entire film.


     Overall I would give the film a two and half out of five for the simple reason of the visual effects work that was done! Unfortunately the VISIUAL Effects could have done so much more with a better storyline. 


     For those movie goers who are truly interested I recommend you take another look at the FIRST Independent Day then compare it to the SECOND Independent Day then come share your comments!

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