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The Purge: Election Year

July 4, 2016

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Alice Through the Looking Glass

May 30, 2016

       Alice through the Looking Glass is definitely different. This is not anything like the original, nor the book, yet all this aside this is a really interesting and good movie. It does start from where the first movie ends. If there are any questions of where everyone left off they quickly clue you in within the first 30 minutes.


      Just like Alice in Wonderland style, the journey starts immediately. The viewer has no time to think about what they just saw or what just happened. Then it’s off to Alice’s adventure which in persistent curiosity, which is secretly a learning adventure that will later tie back into real life. Now not to spoil it too much the lesson is totally worth the ending tie end. Now I want to point out there are people that feel this movie does not teach any lessons, in the usual classic Disney style. I would like to clearly state that sometimes life lessons come in very subtle yet their effectiveness is just as important.


      Moving forward I want to give a shout out to the costumes that the characters wore and the people they selected to play the different parts.  The costumes were amazing, thanks to Colleen Atwood.  She did a wonderful job with the colors which are great and the designs are perfect match per character. Johnny Depp as always was an excellent hatter at all the stages. Mia Wasikowska (aka “Alice”) and Sacha Baron Cohen (aka “Time”), gave a great performance. I would have to give it to them. They had to work with a lot of CGI and Visual Effects teams.


            I cannot stop thinking about the jacket that Alice wears throughout the movie. It is amazing the colors alone are worth ranting about, that is a jacket the I would wear out in public. The next person amazing costume is Time. He had to go through a lot of prep and make up to get to that point. It was amazing.


I also want to point out all the CGI and Visual Effects work that has been done on this film. There was a lot and it was done very well. I know there are people who don’t give a lot of credit to these artists while indeed they should due to the fact they did an outstanding job. All of the backgrounds and work they did on Time was done well.


      So my overall review for this movie is good and not fully what I expected. It does indeed have the great Disney moral and look. What I really enjoyed was the costumes and the visual effects. The story was solid and enjoyable. It is great family film and worth seeing. As an Alice in Wonderland fan I was a little disappointed; however, as a movie goer I was pretty satisfied.







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